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Hello, my name is Sergeу. I live in Karlovy Vary and since 2008 providing passenger transportation. If you prefer privacy in your transfers to the airport, or from the airport to the hotel, or to a particular destination, call me or send a message to my phone number  + 420 773 468 378 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Botim).

The fastest and most comfortable transfer for 1-3 people and 2-3 suitcases (depending on size) by Mercedes-Benz car.

Karlovy Vary - Nuremberg - 250 € / 260 $ / 6300 Kč

Jachymov - Nuremberg - 250 € / 260 $ / 6300 Kč

Marianske Lazne - Nuremberg - 250 € / 260 $ / 6300 Kč


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The city of Dürer and the Renaissance. City of gingerbread and sausages. City of emperors and merchants. City of assemblies, conventions and trials. City of craftsmen and singers. The city of fountains, toys and Christmas. Nuremberg is the largest city not only in Middle Franconia, but also the second largest in the whole of Bavaria. With a gross domestic product of over 100 billion euros, the region is one of the most economically strong in Germany. Nuremberg itself is not only the center of a pan-European economic zone, but also an interesting tourist destination. The exact date of the founding of Nuremberg is unknown. For the first time, in writing, it is mentioned in 1050. Shortly before that, a castle was built on a sandstone rock on the right bank of the river, and a royal court was built on the left bank. This is how the village developed from the very beginning, which was granted the rights of a town in 1219. Several historical events contributed to the happy years of Nuremberg's prosperity. It all began when Charles IV proclaimed in Nuremberg in 1356 the so-called Golden Bull, or rather the first major part of it. This was in fact a kind of imperial constitution that regulated the method of election of the imperial king and stipulated, among other things, that every newly elected king must convene the first Reichsheim in Nuremberg, which brought the city considerable revenue. In 1423, Emperor Sigismund gave the city the imperial jewels from his father Charles IV, which were kept in Karlstein, for permanent safekeeping. It remained in the hospital church until the end of the 18th century. And in 1425, the patron saint of Nuremberg, Sebald, a hermit who probably lived in the area in the 8th century, was declared a saint and was venerated in Nuremberg long before his official canonization. All this attracted a large number of visitors to the city. At that time, Nuremberg traded with virtually the entire known world and enjoyed a number of economic privileges, many of which were granted to it by Charles IV.  Nuremberg transfer taxi its goods all over the world. Walking after a taxi transfer to Nuremberg from Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne or Jachymov, a tourist can discover the harmony between historical buildings and modern architecture. Enjoy culinary delicacies such as beer, gingerbread or Nuremberg sausages. The shuttle service to Nuremberg's festivals and culinary shows has a long tradition. So it's no surprise that whoever books a transfer from Karlovy Vary to Nuremberg will become a lifelong fan. Tender asparagus in spring, French carp in fall and sweet gingerbread at Christmas. By booking a transfer to Nuremberg from Marianske Lazne you will encounter a specialty at any time of the year. The famous Nuremberg sausages, the size of your thumb and well browned on the grill - they are equally delicious on a transfer to Nuremberg from Jachymov all year round.